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This is for anyone who is ready to make 10k+a month in Real Estate Wholesaling!

This teaches you ALL of the basics that you need to know about Wholesaling so you can start closing deals ASAP! During this course Luke will reveal his KEY secrets on how to make your first $100k step by step with no experience needed! This course packs together all the key strategies, scripts, and contracts you need to succeed in wholesaling into 2 HOURS so you can change your financial situation this month! Consider this your golden ticket!


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What is wholesaling

How to find Cash Buyers DYING to buy properties from you.

How to make sure you close  ALL  closeable deals (don't let deals fall through)

How to find people DYING to sell their home.

My 6-figure cold calling scripts. (done for you)

The EXACT contracts you need to close you first deal!

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